Dear Client,

After long and thoughtful consideration and responding to pressure from my spouse, my Doctor and my own health concerns (given the clear messages from my heart) to stop full time work and pay more attention to personal matters while I still have a chance to make necessary improvements. In addition, Covid-19 provides additional incentive for my decision, as I have too many underlying ailments that make me more vulnerable to possible disaster.

My practice, I am pleased to announce, will be carrying on as usual with little or no impact on my clients. Mr. Paul Villeneuve, RCIC #R420975, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant operating under the name NewTown Immigration Inc., will be providing the connection and liaison with CICC, while the regular AMS staff of 10 years+, all now in the employ of New Town Immigration Inc., will continue to prepare and file their currently assigned files. Therefore, there will be little or no impact on my clients and I will be personally available on an “as needed” basis for any clarifications of historical input that might be necessary in support of the finalization of any file. Covid-19 gives me no choice but to retire. There is no ideal time to retire but after over 55 years of 24/7 toiling, Covid-19 has managed to penetrate our bubbles and crystalize life’s priorities for all of us, usually shining light on our own mortality for the first time. I am comfortable at this time that all my clients are in the best possible hands for each of them to reasonably anticipate the best possible results from their submissions. I will be monitoring progress in an unobtrusive and quiet manner.


Michael Couture
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
ICCRC #R409319

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