You cannot return to Canada without a travel document.  Experienced staff at NewTown will help you to apply for a travel document by preparing the required documentation and submitting it to ICCRC on your behalf.

Travel documents are issued to foreign nationals who are determined to be members of a class prescribed in Part 8 Refugee Classes and who:

  • Hold a permanent resident visa or a temporary resident permit

  • Do not have a valid passport or travel document issued by their country of nationality or the country of their current or past residence

  • Do hold a travel document issued by the United Nations or the International Committee of the Red Cross and is unable to obtain such a document within a reasonable time; and

  • Would be unable to travel to Canada unless a temporary travel document is issued

In summary travel documents are issued in refugee cases as indicated above; to foreign nationals who hold PR and for any number of reasons have lost the documents proving their status and are required to return to Canada; and to holders of valid Temporary Resident visas who left Canada on an emergency basis and must now return to Canada in order to continue their work or study programs. Each case is assessed on an individual basis and requires a complete description of how the applicant’s situation occurred.

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