When you receive you PR Visa, NewTown staff will brief you on your personal Canadian needs to help you to settle in Canada:

  • Before you leave, what you should do, what you should bring,
  • The day you arrive at the International Airport, what is happening
  • Host Programs.  There are one hundred Immigrant-serving organizations in Canada.  We will help you to choose which Host Programs fit your needs.  These organizations are there to help you to settle in Canada
  • Living in Canada:  check list of what to do when you live in Canada
  • Finding a place to live:  a place is where you plan to work.  Canada offers different types of housing
  • Health Insurance Card:  Canada has one of the finest public health insurance systems in the world.  It is know as MEDICARE. The Canadian personnel will help you by providing you the information and forms needed to apply for Medicare.
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) and Child Benefits:  A Social Insurance Number (SIN) give you the authorization to work in Canada.  You will need to show it when you apply for a job. The Child Benefit allowance is a tax-free monthly payment made to eligible families to help them with the cost of raising children under the age of 18.  Other programs are also available. And AMS will help you by providing the information and forms needed to apply for these Benefits
  • Finding a job: this is the most stressful experience when you arrive in another country.  There are several steps to take before you begin your job search in Canada.
  • Education:  Canada has a lot to offer in its education system.
  • Bank & Financial Institutions:  Most Canadians keep their money in the bank.  A bank account is a safe place to keep your money.
  • Transportation and Driving License:   For how long is your foreign license valid?  Do you need a Canadian Driving Test to remain licensed.  All these questions will be available in the briefing book which will be given to you at the end of the briefing.
  • Cost of living:  Everybody is anxious to find out the cost of living in Canada.  Living expenses vary from city to city; where you shop, etc…  A list of some typical items to include in your budget is provided in the briefing book
  • Foreign Credentials Referral Office:  Each province in Canada is responsible for settling their own standards, education and training requirements for regulated occupations.  Several sources of information is available in the briefing book.
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